The body in focus

I am offering the exciting opportunity to take part in Postural Integration sessions, as part of my certification process. If you are keen to place the body in the centre of your therapy, this is likely to be the right approach for you.

Postural Integration (PI) is a creative and dynamic form of body-psychotherapy, which can facilitate a richer connectedness with ourselves and others, through direct contact with the body. PI therapists use a variety of somatic (body-psychotherapeutic) methods - breath and deep tissue work, focusing on the body and self-awareness techniques, emotional expression and integration as well as the tools of the interpersonal relationship.

In the process of the sessions, body-mind connections become apparent linking memories, physical sensations and emotions. As with every psychotherapy, the client goes deeper into their own self. The main difference to verbal therapies is the role of the body in the process: the interaction between the spoken words, the sensations and the emotions becomes deeper. The client therefore gets a greater felt sense of themselves, their tensions as well as their inner resources. Hidden wounds and old sufferings from personal history are consciously experienced in the body, and can gradually be expressed and transformed into a greater sense of aliveness. I view myself as a witness in this process, being present with attention, respect, and kind eyes.

If you wish to book a PI block, please get in touch with me by phone or via my website. A complete block consists of 15 sessions (at 90 minutes per session). This structure is there to offer optimum benefit, safety, and containment. Before the work begins, we will meet for an initial assessment, which will offer us the chance to find out whether we are good to work together. If we decide to proceed, we will meet at regular agreed intervals at Old Street (Monday daytimes only). Sessions will be charged at £65-£75, depending on frequency.

It may be useful to get a sense of your therapist before you commit. Please feel free to phone me for a 10-15 minute conversation to see if I can help.
My mobile no is 077 6666 4883.