Short and Long-Term Therapy

I offer short-term contracts for an agreed amount of time, which can be adapted if required. I ususally recommend a minimum of twelve weekly sessions; this can allow you to get a sense of therapy and reflect on whether you wish to continue. Longer-term therapy can be open-ended or time-bound. Whether you wish to start with just a briefer session block or engage in a longer-term arrangement, we will regularly review this together as the process unfolds. Apart from face-to-face therapy, I also offer Skype (we will normally transition following a brief face-to-face period).

Individuals and Couples

I work with individuals and couples. I refer to the term "couple" in its wider sense - this may involve two partners in a romantic relationship and also family members, work colleagues or friends. I offer counselling and mediation and hold the space for you to become the expert of your own relational issues.


Charges are £70 per session. The initial consultation lasts a full hour and every subsequent session fifty minutes. Couples' sessions are charged at £100 for weekly or fortnightly attendance (at 60 to 75 minutes' duration).


My professional practice is bound by the Ethical Principles and Code of Professional Conduct of the UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy). Any serious complaints about my pratice would need to be taken up with the UKCP (see link):


Our session work will be held in strictest confidence, with the exception of certain circumstances. Please be aware that 
  • I will need to discuss our work with my supervisor to ensure best practice.
  • I will need to allow access to case notes if required by Law.
  • I am obliged to report to the appropriate authorities threats of deliberate harm to others.

It may be useful to get a sense of your therapist before you commit. Please feel free to phone me for a 10-15 minute conversation to see if I can help.
My mobile no is 077 6666 4883.